When I first met Dave I told him my story... he has so much positive energy that anybody can trust him without blinking. Seeing how he can adapt to working with people has taught me that there are thousands of people in this world going through similar situations to what I was.
Dave has changed my life emotionally and I am a better person because of his courage, his knowledge, his faithfulness and most importantly his love.
Dave will not stop loving you for anything you have done.
He takes your life's hurt and changes it into good.
I believe that he is not an ordinary human being, but an old soul who has taken the form of a man. Dave will tell you things you cannot find on the internet... You can only find his wisdom in hours of reading books and learning from different people. 
He is a great guy to be around and will tell you amazing poems and stories that will change your life.
When we were together it was if we had known eachother for millions of years.
I am proud to call him my brother... He helped me become a better man and I have never felt better than I do today.

-Chris Munnik, Cape Town, South Africa

As a 60's something,  life-long seeker on a spiritual quest from as early as I can remember, I was always drawn to the invisible world of Spirit. As many people know, the path to becoming healers, whether of others or ourselves, tends to be a very difficult one.
Because of this, I have been guided and blessed with several very special spiritual mentors along my way. They stand out as shining beacons of light to me, like light-houses on a dark night.
I am eternally grateful for all they are and all the teachings they shared, from many different paths and viewpoints... they know who they are.

David Lightbody is now one of them. 

He channels Angelic Energy which is palpable in his presence, in his words and is utilised powerfully in his healing abilities. This can be from his own brand of healing which encompasses so much, from 'hands on' to spiritual counselling.
However, it is also in his 'being' - It is unmistakeable and very rare in my experience. 
I know he will be a gift to countless people through his message of unconditional love, blessing and kindness mixed with a determination and goodwill that cannot help but uplift those he meets.
I give thanks for him and I have a deep inner knowing that the world is very ready and open to all that he is going to do, to aid humanity in this great transition to a new dimension for Mother Earth and all those who want to manifest a new reality of unconditional love. 

-Alison Stormwolf, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
(Healer at www.soul-awakening.com)

I met Dave at a fairly dark place in my life.
Things weren't going that great for me and I genuinely felt like life was beating me down. We spoke a bit and connected and then something magic happened... He switched my light on that has been off for so long!
His presence and words made a huge impact on my daily life and since we met my life has literally transformed. I am all the better since meeting and working with this wonderful human being and I know that he has the power to help, heal and change people's lives wherever the road takes him.

-Marlin Cowie, Saudi Arabia

Dearest David,

I just want to thank you for working with my foster children and I express my gratitude for the positive impact that you have made on their lives.
I have found it invaluable to them to be able to speak to someone with your level of experience and soul connection.
You have truly treated them with so much respect and love.
I wish you all the best with for your future ventures and I know that anyone crossing your path will be truly blessed.

-Estelle Woolls-King, Cape Town, South Africa

I first crossed paths with Dave in Grahamstown, South Africa back in 2009.
It was only 7 years later that our paths crossed again when I needed some guidance and healing. Unaware of my situation at the time, he reached out to me and we had a conversation about life and our journeys the since the day we first met.
It was then that I realised that Dave could really help me try and figure out what has been holding me back for so long.
I can honestly say that I was humbled by our time together and learned so much from him about how to take care of me and put myself first.
I have since gained so much insight and wisdom... and I have come leaps and bounds personally and spiritually.
Dave is a true saviour. Much love and respect for this kind soul. 

-Christine Spence, Cape Town, South Africa

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