You are divine

You are divine 🔮

You are divine.
Align your chakras and straighten your spine.
Breath pranic bliss into your centred being in recognition of this moment.
You answered the call and had a premonition of a soul mission...
To bring new light into this world.
To turn hope into realization of purpose.

The stars planned your journey,

Long before you gave them your spark,
This is a story more drastic and dramatic than Noah's Ark...
Because the flood that is coming has been spoken of for centuries;
Gaia's call to protect all sentient beings, insects and trees.

Life is the priority. Period.
Planned in a future that has little time,
For waste, panic, pollution or politics.
Arguments that build walls around our beings to keep love out,
When love is the only force that can remove any doubt... that we are heading in the right direction.
Inward reflection leading to a resurrection of compassion in the majority, not the minority.
This is priority.

You are divine.
Breathe with deep acceptance and know,
That this world is directed by the courage you show to make good decisions.
We are not evolved or smart enough to presume that we can control or assume dominance...
This complex eco system took billions of years to evolve as a whole.
Our struggles for self-importance lead us to debate,
Solutions to problems that just can't wait,
The cerebral drive to find answers is getting us all stuck in our heads,
While we are tossing and turning lying awake in our beds..

Lets get out of our heads and into our hearts,
This is truly where the magic starts.
Gratitude linked with purpose, passion and intention: these are the keys to Earth's Ascension.
We have limited time to execute this divine plan -
The one that came to unfold through us, not to us.

Bring light to your particular role in this enlightened collaboration,
The demonstration of purpose expressed not through seeing the light, but being the Light.
Our job is to preserve life and uplift consciousness -
To shift conscious bliss into eternal expression right now.
The real work is 365.
Put your 9-5 to sleep where it belongs.
Keep your promise to yourself and this world.
In order to trancend the limitations of time,
We need to shift into a new paradigm.
You are divine.

-David Lightbody


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