Healing Ancestral Lines

This is a thread that has occurred many times over the years and a conversation that cropped earlier with two friends once again today, so I just wanted to put this out there for those who are interested in these sorts of topics.

I believe its very relevant to many different people, so here goes:

This is 2019.
Please make your own decisions regarding your spirituality and stop constantly referencing books that date back thousands of years to confirm what feels right to you.
If you really need to, then that is your journey, but it is not looking at all the knowledge available and making an informed, spiritually conscious decision.
Reading and acquiring knowledge from books is the beginning of this journey, but then it is also a matter of examining the Gnostic tradition and finding the self-knowledge that appeals to and/or applies to you.
I go on what feels right.

If you read carefully what is said about it being 'Unchristian' to pray to angels, and choose to believe that, then that is your choice.
I have suggested to many seekers over the years to always pray to God/Christ and then ask for Angelic Assistance... be it from Gabriel for strength or communication, Michael for protection or Raphael for healing, to name but a few examples.
There are many angels that serve different roles in consciousness and in people's spiritual awakenings, which is now escalating at a more rapid rate each second of every day.
Before anyone starts quoting scripture...
Let it be known that at no time did I ever say it was okay to worship the Angels.
I am a humble servant of God and I work with the Angels as my guides and companions.
I have been doing this a very long time and I am no longer at the stage where I want to dip into biblical references and conjecture concerning what is good or evil, or right or wrong.
There is an old saying:
'Think not what is right, nor what is wrong; Think about what is important.'
What is important to me is that God is love.
Its very simple.

Living a dualistic existence is not my idea of a healthy life or viewpoint.
In fact, I truly believe that dualistic thinking is the root cause of suffering on this planet.
Heaven and hell, good and evil; It is the spine upon which religious prejudice and dogma thrive, and it is the unfortunate schism that makes human beings feel separate from one another and also from the ground that they are walking on.
We are all one with the divine creator and I choose to work in service to the highest good for all sentient beings on this planet, in service of the Most High as well as mother Gaia. 
I believe in the necessary balance between both masculine and feminine energies and archetypes and I do not condone a patriarchal, heavily propaganda-fueled source of 'wisdom' that some people call God who imbues fear, judgment and shame into the general populous.
You can pray to Jesus or Mohammed, and you can also pray to the nature spirits... if that is what you wish to revere or address with your intention or words.

So many times I have had people saying that they are ashamed of their actions and struggle to connect with God because of having religion rammed down their throats from when they were children...

That the God that was described to them was a 'jealous God' and that they need to feel guilty for not being more 'Christian' or 'Muslim'. 
That somehow they were separated from God when they were younger because of making certain 'questionable' choices, like drinking alcohol or having sex with someone they loved (or didn't love) before they were married.
This guilt hangs over their heads and builds a barrier of shame and judgment that separates them from feeling worthy of God's love; shame that they carry with them often for most of their lives... thinking or feeling they aren't worthy or can't have a relationship with God because they weren't 'good enough' or 'messed it up'... so they'd rather not engage at all.
In truth, God loves us regardless of all these things and connection is always available to the seeker.

Most concepts of duality disregard the sacred feminine and invite hurtful and judgemental thoughts and actions towards the 'other'.

The curse of 'thou shalt not' hanging over the heads of the guilty who feel shy to even mention the word God for fear of confrontation, contention or social stigma.
This incites discrimination and persecution against any other person who believes something different from us, even indirectly.
How did mainstream religion monopolize the use of the word 'God' and place such connotations on a relationship with our world?
Which is what God is to me.
Love. Relationship. Connection.
Love of all things and a relationship defined by our actions and our choices.
To see God in everything is my choice and to ask guidance from angels is my right as a human being. A person who chooses love over fear in a world full of propaganga and hatred.
A world full of segregation and pain caused by fear and social rejection.
A world that seems to indirectly condone exclusion over inclusion almost every time?
People preach tolerance and then act otherwise and pretend that their judgement is acceptable due to rules that were written thousands of years ago.
Written during a time of darkness and archaic consciousness and then permeated through a society riddled with fear... 
Where women and men were burnt at the stake for worshiping the moon or spirits and pagans and non-christians were massacred by the millions.
I serve a loving God who gives me the strength, grace and permission to do my work with people of all walks of life and faiths.

I do not discriminate between different books or say that I have all the answers.

I merely focus on the truth, and allow light, peace and love to guide my decisions and my actions. I am not interested in anything other than the truth mirrored through these three concepts.
I have a strong conviction about the work I do and both God and Christ know the work I do.
I have a relationship with the trinity and I have blessed more than 10000 people in my lifetime. I have also studied source knowledge that dates back well over 6000 years and I know this story better than most because I have spent more than 100000 hours of my life researching and thinking about these topics.
My wish for this world is to no longer get lost in the traps of fear and misguided value systems propagated by mainstream religion and ridiculous dogma.
Fear that only incites hate and prejudice, as well as judgemental thoughts and behavior.
I follow the core teachings of Jesus and focus on his WAY, his light and the truth within the words he spoke, but choose not to single out only one book that was written about what he said by other people as my single source of wisdom. A book that has been severely twisted and manipulated since his death and is no longer in alignment with the acceptance, compassion, kindness and tolerance that he taught.

Christ is my guiding force and my answer for compassion and kindness. He has shown me the sort of healer that I wish to become, but I have also chosen to learn from Buddha and many other prophets such as Nelson Mandela and Kahlil Gibran as well.
There are human beings on this Earth who are born to a world of magick who have come here to heal ancestral lines.
To use their magic and love to reach back across generations and thousands of years in order to heal past lives and generations of fear that were inbued into conscious streams over millenia.
This is very precious work, and these 'witches'. priestesses and shaman are spending their lives in service to this planet, reaching deep into the heart of this Earth to transform the fear that once caused murder and massacre on unimaginable scales into unconditional love.
These users of magic are not to be feared, and have spent much of their lives experiencing deep pain and suffering to become the healers needed to transcend this darkness that has loomed over humanity for millenia once and for all... The same darkness that caused fathers to burn their daughters at the stake less than 200 years ago for fear of being called a warlock themselves. For fear of social banishment or immediate death.

Let us live in a world that chooses love over fear every time... And inclusion over exclusion.

A world that chooses to accept those around us for who they are before we judge them on what they believe in.
A world that accepts people for whomever they choose to pray to.
You can follow Christ and know magick.
And you can choose to think for yourself as a human being living in 2019, and not the dark ages.
This is a world of information and Light.
Think for yourself and choose to have a relationship with God, yourself and mother nature.
Don't fear your magic, use it to heal others.
Use your magic to heal ancestral lines and work in service of this planet at this crucial time. Use your magic to heal the fear in this world and transform it into love forever.
Everything is part of you and you are a part of everything, it's that simple.
We are one.
Choose to have a relationship with love.
Choose life.


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