Please make good choices

Please make good choices.

You are at the epicenter of the unraveling global consciousness... 
In 30 years I want to look back on the last three decades and say, with the biggest smile on my face and the greatest feeling in my heart:
"I don't know how... But we did it."
But I do know how...
Achieving the seemingly impossible is only made actual and plausible through mass communal action; with the awareness and understanding that what we do today will shape our future and give our children a chance at a good life. 
We have all the knowledge and resources we need to persevere...
In 2050, be on that beach one day holding your twin flame's hand, watching your children play in the ocean... or sit on that balcony with your loved ones with the smell of a delicious barbeque in your nose and the sound of your grandchildren's laughter in your ears.
You will know in this moment in your heart that you made good choices and that without your part in the process, we would have been lost.
That will always be enough.
Thank you for your contribution today.
I honour your journey and offer deep gratitude to you for the part you are playing in this process. 
Alone we change ourselves, together we change the world.


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