Be as the sunlight

Be as the sunlight.

Listen to the wind and follow your heart, 
You're on the right path now.
You've freed up what was stagnant in your life..
However it came to be,
You are now free.
You needed to let go of what was no longer serving your life's journey.

And now you are ready for the next stage, 
Embark upon your Golden Age - 
Be as the sun.
A glowing warmth of true direction,
Be yourself and enjoy your eccentricities, 
Shine bright and open up your heart and mind to new possibilities...
Your new life has just begun.
The sunrise waits in eager anticipation for the miracle that is YOU...
Focus only on what is important and makes your heart ring true.

Times in life bring grains of sand,
The harsh moments that defined your past,
Now laid to rest by your guided hand - 
Memories never meant to last.
You are the drum in the marching band,
A newly formed 7th sensation,
The gentle whisper of the wind,
And the spark of all divine creation.

Heaven sent,
Maya bent,
You are here to magnify focussed intent. 
So go forth, create and do not hesitate...
Your path is shaped by choice and mirror...
March to the beat of your own heart,
Worry not about tomorrow,
Share your words and sacred art, 
And leave behind your sorrow.

You are the smile on your child's face,
And the stranger that will soon be a friend.
Be the sun and light up the world,
And share the healing light to mend,
The hearts of those,
with whom you must 
Lay bare with in your natural state, 
Naked both in truth and trust, 
Entwined together in cosmic fate.

Share EVERYTHING and have a ball,
Your precious time and quirky faults,
Your breakfast, lunch and tea,
Your laughter and your whisky malts,
Share it all - unapologetically. 
Craft your lyrics, your prose and art,
And be all that you were born to be...
You've talent that you've yet to witness,
and spectacular places yet to see.

Give the gift of present mind, 
Your words, your light, your attention,
Meet the sunset there and find,
Another star in your Ascension.


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