Deep breaths often bring sighs before relief

Deep breaths often bring sighs before they bring relief...

As you deepen your practice and your mindful nature, you awaken to new levels of awareness.
Hidden beneath the folds of your despair lie opportunities for growth. 
Growth that not only affects your own journey, but expands light for those around you through your example and practice.
The practice of feeling, healing and gaining the wisdom required to persevere.
The tears that once filled your eyes while you bit back the pain can become a well-spring to others...
A source of rare water in the desert of the soul that can be drawn from when needed most. Water used to ease the path of those in desperate need of sustinence when they have nowhere else to turn...
The oasis of water and shadow - the gift of serenity to those in the final stretches who have travelled the distance.
The water that you harness and share can save lives and change destinies.
Harness your tears and embrace your pain, because inside those feelings lie the flow of release -
A rare and invaluable gift to those fortunate enough to have earned their place at your oasis.
A priceless gift to the world.


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