The stars and your cells

In the blissful stillness of the night, the stars reflect off every cell of your being.

In divine arrangement of cosmic collaboration, your cells and the stars dance together as one βœ¨πŸŒŸ
And as your mind drifts into different realms, those stars paint a new landscape behind your eyelids, awakening unconscious possibilities within your dreams of a new world... πŸŒŽ
Teasing the neurons and synapses into harmonic resonance as they fire away in blissful REM.
An enchanting reminder each peaceful moment that you have come from the stars to weave a new fabric of reality into this world...
And as you awaken, the new reality around you greets you with limitless possibilities...
An alternate universe of miracles and wonder that unfolds before you today shaped into faces and places you have never seen or been before πŸ§©
Embrace these possibilities openly and without question, and welcome the light that is you reflected in all things.
Only the best that this world has to offer you is allowed into your bubble today.
In turn, make the other bubbles that you encounter brighter and lovelier than ever before πŸ˜‰


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