What a turbulent start it has been!

Nothing could have prepared me for the journey of 2019...

It's been such a radically turbulent start to the year and I've had to dig deep to look at the aspects of myself that needed healing and work.
After setting the intention to clear out my sacral and solar plexus chakras at the beginning of the year, I have been amazed at the obstacles that have presented themselves, forcing to look deep within to find clarity about the parts of myself that needed healing and cleansing. 

It's amazing when life throws you curveballs, and you're forced to look deep within yourself to find out exactly what is needed in order to let go and move forward.
To find the confidence to persevere and realise that all the tough times we face are placed in our path to prepare us for the journey ahead. It never ceases to amaze me how each time I think I have done enough work on myself and that I'm ready to reach out and share what I know with others, life seems to have a way of humbling me and showing me the work I still need to do... but I think that is part of being a healer. Being aware of the self-work required to create harmony and balance within yourself before you can reach out to others and offer them the stability and support that they need in order to do the same.

I feel very blessed to be in the United Kingdom, especially given the amount of turmoil the UK is facing at this time with regard to mental health related issues. I know that it's a pivotal time in Earth's conscious awakening and that people are really looking within themselves to find the answers they need to move forward and become whole. There is a conscious awakening happening worldwide where people are looking to gratitude and understanding of themselves in order to seek joy and happiness, and to grow. I have seen a lot of positive messages on social media about people looking inward and finding the benefits of meditation and self-work.

For me this represents the Earth's need for balance at this time, and the need for humanity to evolve and find harmony with nature. To realise the impact that we as individuals have on the planet with our emotional states and the care we place into looking after ourselves and our planet. And especially to know that the only way of achieving harmony with our planet is by searching within ourselves to find and address the questions that relate to the imbalance that exists within each of us in our quest to assist bringing this world to light and helping us overcome the global challenges we face.

I wish for the focus to shift towards people now realising what needs to be done on a personal level within each of us to grow and find the routines and practices we need to expand and create a balance between our inner and outer worlds. And to strive to remember that there always needs a time to play and relax in between the world that is required of each of us.

Going forward, I've remembered the need to find time to play. To nourish the child within me that wants to enjoy the challenges that present themselves instead of seeing everything as a 'task' or as work that needs to be done. To relax in the moment and enjoy the process of growth instead of placing too much pressure on myself all the time. To see how far I've come and to take the time to celebrate my progress instead of always looking to the next mission that needs to be accomplished.


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