Lets meet, as if the ice had already broken, long before its all melted away.

Lets speak, as though we were old men, whose hearts have been wisened by a life spent being loved by a great woman.

Lets build, for the hope and comfort of children, in generations we shall never meet.

Lets eat, as though each bite were a prayer, spoken in gratitude to life for a stomach that is being filled.

Lets laugh, like we did when we were children, discovering the little things that would always matter.

Lets breathe, as though our lungs were old friends, and the trees outnumbered us a thousand to one.

Lets dream, as though the future were bright, long before money stole our imagination.

Lets listen, as though our attention were a gift, given to the source as well as ourselves.

Lets drink, as though the water was pure, running off the mountain and down the waterfall.

Lets cry, for regrets and past mistakes, and let them go once and for all.

Lets smile, with deep acceptance and joy, for the miracle of life and the beauty of this world.

Lets dance, as though nothing mattered but the music, and the celebration of our heartbeats and feet.

Lets be, as long-awaited raindrops, gently nourishing the soil in barren lands with care,

Lets work, as though we were a force of nature, together as one answering a call.

Lets act, as though time were precious, long before there's none left at all.


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