Adaptability to change can prevent stress and present opportunity

Life can be turbulent.
Plans can change at any time and what you thought was going to happen can evaporate in an instant. Our ability to adapt to change fundamentally alters not only the way we experience things, but also the stress that sudden alterations in our course can bring to ourselves and those around us.
One minute you can think that you are on plane home, but your plane is delayed… Just enough that you miss your connecting flight and end up having to stay over a night in a strange city. 
An absolute disaster to some, but the same experience is considered an adventure by those who are wise. Those who know that being adaptable is the difference between the boat capsizing or staying afloat in the storm. The storm that can either leave us drowning beneath the surface, too far from land for any chance of survival, or show us that we are resilient enough to withstand even the tallest of waves.
The stress associated with sudden change can send us over the edge…
The panic that sets in when things don’t go according to plan can cause us to act out and oftentimes lose our way. Flexibility and the ability to think and act on your feet is an extremely valuable skillset.
It may even be the difference between fortune or bankruptcy, opportunity or disaster… or even life or death.
Your stay in the city could have you sitting on the phone complaining to the airline about how you missed the opportunity to be home ‘on time’, but the car you would have hired at your destination may have ended up a twisted heap on the side of the road… Your tiredness resulting in a collision that would have taken not only your own life, but also the lives of several children.
If you listen to the wind, trust your intuition and decide to explore the strange city that you are able to experience for the evening, you may have an unforgettable experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. 
Perhaps you may participate in a life-changing conversation, make a new friend or even meet the love of your life…
We are gifted with the chance to walk in the light of fortune and become adaptable to a world of opportunity lurking beneath the veil of seemingly disastrous circumstances.
Our approach to the new set of circumstances will fundamentally alter our perception of a chain of events that may give us a rare blessing instead. The lessons we learn during these times are the ones that we will never forget.


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