Healing intention for 2019

I'm busy going through a process at the moment of healing my solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Over the years of my life I've realised that these are the areas that have had the most damage inflicted on them (whether by myself or others... Life experience in dealing with spiritual parasites and issues with self-worth, dependancy, self-esteem and weight fluctuations.)
I've realised that my relationship with myself, somewhere along the way, has become damaged and needs deep cleansing and healing.
Having been exposed to beings of extreme darkness and entities that I have had to deal with over the aeons in the various spiritual wars, as well as in my waking life this lifetime, I have recently sensed cords that run deep with people in my past that are surfacing... For example my mom's boyfriend when I was a teenager and how he made me feel about myself (worthless, unwanted and adversarial).
Even my father, who I loved dearly and was extremely close to passed away when I was 13 in a motorcycle accident. As much as he was a lovely person and taught me a great deal, he was also a troubled man.
I used to get hit almost every day for the seemingly most bizarre things, which seemed like his reactionary excuse for discipline, but was actually abusive fear-based conditioning. Bless his soul, he didn't know any differently and was merely mirroring patterns that he didn't know how to escape from.

I know that it was myself who placed these challenges before me and my own Tao that created these mirrors to learn from, but so as to not mirror any of this into my sacred Masculine relationship in the future, I wish to reach into these past experiences and do some deep cleansing and healing at this stage of my life. I do this, both for my relationship with myself to become whole (probably for the first time in this life) and also so that I may help others with this same work. Importantly, also so that I do not carry the same hurt and patterns into any relationships with any young boys/girls or men or women that I may encounter for the rest of my life, especially if one day I am blessed with any children.I wish to instil the balance between respect, kindness, compassion, love and discipline instilled with actionary behaviour given with tolerance, patience, compassion and grace.

I know that I have already done much of the work myself and will continue to do it, clearing out the sacral and solar plexus chakras, but I wanted to ask a special favour from you sacred souls.
Please hold space in the coming months and years for this process to happen with a nourishing love and shine your divine lights into the ether and into this physical world for this healing to take place... not only in my own life, but also in the world at large around us.
That the sacred relationship with the masculine with all young men (and women) be woven by threads of love, kindness, compassion empathy and tolerance.Please focus your light into the space that is needed for this relationship to be healed in all beings... the self worth, value and psycho-sexual connections attached to these two chakras being the focus of our collective heart chakra.
To allow our collective unconditional love, in its infinite power to be the fire that cleanses out these two chakras on a cosmic level for all beings.
Reaching into the Earth's core and deep cleansing this space with the blue flame that is our combined spiritual power to burn away any residual darkness or cobwebs lurking in the shadows... and then using the water of our grace to wash away the impurities of fear that are left behind until such time as this relationship is healed in its entirety.

Thank you so much for your love, your support and your prayers, and bless each one of you for being here and being the Light of love that you are. May the angels make this process flow as easily as it can and guide us in our choices and feelings over what will be a turbulent time for this world. Let us hold space for this inward transformation that will reflect in the cleansing of the pollution of our oceans and land.
Adonai bless you all.
Et nomine patri Et filii spiritus sancti 


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