The Feather

Have you ever woken up and realized that you have absolutely no responsibilities or commitments?

Imagine, after spending an entire life of being told what to do and when to do it, that all of a sudden, those constraints are removed and all your time and energy are completely your own? Very few people have experienced that privilege.

Being given outright freedom, even for a day.

In my case it was a blessing and a curse... until I realized just how fortunate I was.

That morning I woke up and came face-to-face with the Source for the first time, or so I thought. It had always been there, I just hadn't been aware of it up until then.

It was the day after I finished school. I was 18 years old.

It wasn't until years later that I even began to realize what it was that I had encountered.

And yet, I knew what it was.

I had always known.

I opened my eyes and an immense sense of peace engulfed me, but also a sense of excitement that I had never even dreamed existed. What it brought with it was unfamiliar: an open sense of aimless curiosity.

It felt too good to be true. What should I do? I had no plan.

Most importantly, for the first time in my life, no plan was totally okay. So, I decided to follow my instincts and ‘go with the flow’, so to speak.

I got ready to go out, did all the usual preparations, and decided that I would go for a walk.

As I left my front door, a gentle breeze brushed the right side of my face as the sunshine and the fresh morning air greeted me. Considering the breeze as a sign, I decided to walk down the road in its direction, leaving the beach behind me…

The beach was where I walked almost every day.

All of a sudden I got the feeling that I should go and see a friend of mine, Dijon. Without questioning the feeling, I started to walk towards his house. He lived at least five kilometers from my house, but it didn’t matter.

I had all the time I needed.

I even decided not to phone ahead as I always did, for no reason at all.

Enjoying the sunshine and breeze as I went, I walked without a care in the world taking in the scenery.

There were many lush green pastures, open fields and trees as I walked and I remember thinking how fortunate I was to see such abundance in the world.

I passed many people, houses and grazing horses before I walked across the local common.

After a short while I passed a farm stall.

Given that it was hot day and wanting to quench my thirst, I decided that I would stop and buy something to drink.

As I entered the shop, I looked around for a moment in awe. All of the objects seemed to glow, as though the light had shifted and illuminated my vision.

I had entered an alternate reality, looking through an HD lens at a world that was digitally vibrant.

The cute shop assistant greeted me behind the counter with a sheepishly sweet smile as I walked in.

Smiling back bashfully, I kept walking until I saw a fridge containing cooldrinks.

Grabbing a lemon ice tea out of the fridge, I walked towards the counter and shared another smile, coupled with a shyly awkward moment with the stunning young lady.

She was a petite brunette with long eyelashes and she looked back at me with a quiet confidence and big, hazel eyes.

They glowed a vivid amber in the warm light of the shop and I found myself getting lost in them for a moment.

The playful spark in her pupils ignited something in me that was beyond just physical attraction… it was as though her eyes held a secret to another world.

A world that breathed new life into me in that moment, forever. A world that spoke to a part of me that had never listened before. It was as though the spark in her eyes held the key to a whole new universe inside me.

A universe that hadn’t existed before that moment.

I woke with a start, slightly dazzled and wondering what had happened to me.

Looking back at her, I realized that I had probably been staring too long… so I bought my ice tea, smiled embarrassedly and quickly left the shop.

She smiled back unembarrassedly and watched me leave.

Deciding to block the encounter from my mind as my cheeks flushed bright burgundy, I carried on walking in the direction of Dijon’s house.

I walked and walked, appreciative of the little adventure I had embarked on... very happy that I had decided to take the walk.

That ice tea tasted amazing, I'll never forget how it seemed like it was almost gifted to me and was exactly what I wanted.

I arrived at Dijon's house a while later only to find that he wasn't home.

I wasn't disappointed at all.

Once again, a totally unfamiliar reaction.

I had walked several kilometers... only to smile, shrug my shoulders and turn back to walk home.

As I crossed a meadow on my way back a few minutes later... I came across a feather on the path.

I stepped over it; I had seen many feathers before.

But after a few paces I stopped... There was something about that feather.

I turned around and picked it up… and wow, there really was something about that feather.

Unlike the feathers I had encountered in the past, it was flawless. From the point to the end, it did not have a single blemish on it.

In every way it seemed, for lack of a better way to describe it, perfect.

I carried on walking, examining the feather and considering the unlikelihood of discovering such a thing. In all my years growing up around farms and pastures I had never seen anything like it.

On my way back, I walked past the farm stall again, but then an unlikely thought entered my mind. It was totally absurd, but I got an overwhelming feeling that I should go into the shop and give the young lady the feather.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am a romantic at heart... but the prospect of walking into a shop and giving a girl who I didn’t know a feather seemed just as ridiculous to me then as it does to you right now.

However, following my instincts and going with the theme of the day had gotten me into a really serene place.

So I decided to trust the feeling, set aside my fears and reservations and walk into the shop.

I said to her, and I will never forget it, embarrassedly and awkwardly:

"Um... I'm not sure why, but I thought you might need this."

I gestured reluctantly to give her the feather with my right hand outstretched.

She looked back at me with an expression of pure astonishment and said:

"That is so strange, because just this morning my cats were play-fighting... and they ripped my dreamcatcher off the wall and broke the feather. Thank you so much."

We shared a moment of shocked bewilderment.

I was thunderstruck. Utterly speechless.

I had come face-to-face with my first in-depth experience of universal synchronicity.

For the first time in my life, I had become aligned with the Source, and had been deeply touched by the bliss, love and magnitude of its presence.

Make no mistake, this was not an entity.

This was not a deity of any kind.

This was eternity.

The stars of eternal bliss shining through a series of moments that had gifted me with a glimpse of a reality so serene, that it had taken my breath away and replaced it with a gratitude that was beyond words, thoughts or feelings.

What made it so profound was that it was unmistakably inside of everything around me.

Not only the young lady, but every atom, particle, thought, feeling and word.

Even me.

That star is within each of us, where the Source whispers to the soul and the spark dances with the black hole.

It is a feeling of connectedness contained within the moment, every moment.

To say that it filled me with appreciation would be like saying I fully appreciated every drop of water in the ocean while taking a shower.

I have chosen to seek out these moments ever since and have been consistently dazzled by the myriad of experiences that the Source has provided me with.

I have wished to be constantly pleasantly surprised... and it has come true.

Now, I simply enjoy observing the favorable outcomes as they present themselves to me in the every day.

I do this by allowing these outcomes into my space and accepting that the process is already underway, separate from my will to make it happen or the need to manifest it.

My love for the Source has led me to a fundamental love of my own being and others that is indescribable.

We get out what we put in, and by loving the Source, our Universe or our God, we will always be loved by the essence that is eternity.


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