I want to be kind

When we were growing up everyone used to ask us what we wanted to be. Some of us wanted to be doctors, teachers, policemen or writers. Others wanted to be rich, successful, famous or even infamous.

I wanted to be many of these things.

In many ways, admittedly, I still want to be some of these things… but something has changed in me along the way. Since I started focusing on what is important, I realized that above all else... I want to be kind.

I'll never forget watching the movie 'About time'.

It has a very interesting plot with a quirky assortment of characters, relationships and situations.

Without a doubt the most compelling scene for me was during the wedding toasts when the groom's father gives his speech.

He says: "I'd only give one piece of advice to anyone marrying. We're all quite similar in the end. We all get old and tell the same tales too many times. But try and marry someone kind. And this is a kind man with a good heart."

The words struck me very profoundly.

There are many virtues in this world that are desirable and even uncommon to find in people; but to be kind - now that is something.

Something that is very special, and very beautiful.

To be kind is something far more than just a four-letter word or a commendable quality. Kindness is something that encompasses more than any other virtue.

If we are lucky enough to know someone that is kind, we know that they will be considerate.

That they will be honest, empathetic and unselfish.

Kindness implies an inner truth in someone reflecting a state of being that is caring, loving and genuine towards those around them.

I feel that to include someone like this in my life shows me that I am able to be honest with myself.

To accept my faults and strive to be a better person myself.

It is difficult to be kind at first, if it’s not something that comes naturally to you.

Maybe it is something that comes naturally to all of us, and yet we often aren't given the chance, or haven’t been taught better. But in order to be kind to yourself, you need to be kind to others. In giving our kindness to others, it allows them to receive something that will never be forgotten.

When someone is kind, it shows that they are inwardly gracious. That they are forgiving and sensitive in a way that helps shape them into the people they are.

It shows that they are honest with themselves enough to be patient and respectful. That they will give you their time and their attention and teach you about vulnerability.

Teach you that it is okay to be vulnerable enough to learn about others as well as yourself.

Being kind is not always easy.

Sometimes being kind means saying 'No'.

Even telling people what they do not want to hear, or what is not easy to say.

Being kind is not always about 'helping people' directly.

It is about showing them a way that they are able to help themselves find their peace.

Being kind means drawing boundaries with the people around us so that they know how you feel about things that are important to you.

Things you may feel should be important to them too.

Sometimes being kind even means telling people when they aren't being kind... and being kind means listening when they tell you the same thing… and acknowledging it.

I want to be kind because I want to learn about what is truly valuable, both in others and myself. I want to be kind because I am tired of feeling hurt unnecessarily.

I want to be part of a world built on a platform of consideration and kindness, where kindness is a virtue that is fundamental to our model of success and being.

A world where above all else we encourage one another to be kind before we aspire to be anything else.

A world where our education system is forged within a curriculum that teaches our children the necessity of being kind to one another.

Where respect and kindness are revered and celebrated.

I want to be kind because I feel that it is important.

I feel that it deserves my time and attention.

After all, our attention is the greatest gift that we can give to anything.

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention." -Oscar Wilde


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