Step into the Light

Step into the Light

There is a very real spiritual war taking place.

Whether it is within us or outside of us is a matter that is worthy of discussion... but what is certain is this: Many of us are consumed by darkness... and we all wish to step into the Light.

In this era, we preparing to step into the Golden Age.
A path to choosing love over fear with every decision.
A place of divinity within each of us that is peaking at the forefront of our consciousness.
A wave that has gathered momentum for centuries and is ready to burst forth, filling our hearts with love and ushering a new way of being for all of us.

In reality, this is a process that we are all going through, but some of us are struggling.
Struggling to let go of the darkness that precedes this age of Light.
This darkness sometimes permeates our dreams and gives us nightmares... and these nightmares spill out into our waking lives. It then takes the form of fears, anxieties, depression, addictions, mental illnesses, abusive patterns... and sometimes worse.

I have suffered from many of these things in my life. 
Fear of the shadows that led to anxieties and deep trauma in me that caused great suffering in my life. Trauma that resulted in my addictions, which led to my depression...
I tried all sorts of substances to numb the pain and it only got worse.

I lived with this nightmare for many years of my life, feeling powerless and unable to escape the darkness that had consumed me. I ended up needing to go on medication to try and manage the battle that raged within me.

Since then, I have overcome.
I have entered the Light and learned to love my own darkness. 
I have let go of the medication and substances that held power over me for so long and have found a Light Source to heal my depression. 
I know pain. It piloted a time in my life when I went off course and became a victim of my hurt... allowed it to consume me. It has taken me years to find my path again, the path of pure service, and to discover the tools needed to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Not all of us feel that the solution is found in a Rehab center, a psychiatrist's office, more medication or a 12-step-program.
For some of us there is another way... and that is to find it within ourselves.
Through my own process I have found a way to dig deep and to heal... and to help others to do the same. To discover the path of the Warrior within.
Instead of needing to adopt the mentality of a victim who has had life happen to me, I was able to discover the power within myself to transform my life into a reflection of calmness, strength, love and kindness. I have chosen to help others who are wading through similar darkness and who are ready to move forward. People who are warriors in spirit, tired of suffering and ready to embrace the Light that is waiting for them at the end of their pain. Healers that have endured immense pain and are ready to gift the world with the innermost secrets that their experience has taught them. To find the true Light source within and to allow it to heal the pain and transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

It truly inspires me to watch the people I work with become Warriors that are empowered by their circumstances instead of falling victim to them.
Each of them teach me about the strength of spirit and the courage it takes to become mighty and the resilience to navigate any obstacles that they may face.
To find a place within themselves where they finally feel relief and are happy to be alive again... sometimes for the first time.


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