Growth doesn't need to happen in fast-forward

What frequency we embody, we attract.
Any and all.
Truth or love, fear or hurt, bliss or sadness.
We all crave harmony in our spirits on the path to deeper understanding and fulfillment.
It is something that is so vital to our soul's ability to achieve bliss, relaxation and true connection.

Unfortunately, disharmony is also what leads to growth and reflection...
We are constantly challenging ourselves and eachother to grow.
What may be needed now is time to equalise and enjoy some harmony and bliss in your life.

Every human being on this planet has achieved accelerated personal and spiritual growth over this year in a way we never could have operating within our comfort zones.
Find a way to recognise and honour this, while taking your foot off the throttle for some time each day.Allow yourself the space to breathe and relax in full love and acceptance of yourself and others.
Growth is essential, but it doesn't need to happen in fast-forward.
Whether you enjoy music or meditation, take the time you need to walk in nature or run yourself a hot bath.Focus on embodying the frequencies you wish to see in others.
Be truth, and you will find those who are honest.Be loving, and you will receive the affection and love you desire.Find your bliss, and you will see harmony reflected back at you in the world.


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